Important Information


We are delighted to announce that the Clarecastle Agricultural Show 2018 Show will take place on Saturday September 1st. 

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We are also very pleased to confirm that the Clarecastle Tented Craft Village Market will also take place on the day.
Craft & Gift Market at the Clarecastle Show 2018.

We look forward to seeing you at our show!

For specific enquiries contact our secretary Nichola Shannon: ( or at 085 781 6665



We have received quite a number of enquiries regarding Connemara Pony Classes.
Unfortunately, we decided, prior to drawing up our schedule, that we would not host Connemara Breeders this year.
We believed that there was no support for Connemara Classes in Clare.  We have revised that opinion and next year we intend to have an enhanced programme with a number of Connemara Classes and good prize money.
We plan to discuss matters with the Connemara Breeders Organisation and our combined efforts should be beneficial to all.