We wish to advise our many supporters, exhibitors and sponsors that we will not present our show this year.    We postponed a decision on this matter to the latest date possible hoping for better conditions.  Regrettably, too many factors forced the cancellation of the show.

The pandemic has caused immense problems.  Government regulations indicate that all events must be held behind closed doors.  Spectators cannot attend and health and safety regulations place inordinate demands on our members.  We cannot hold regular meetings to plan and prepare for an August show.  Without detailed planning and the involvement of outside organisations, we feared a less that successful outcome.  Our board reached the conclusion that we should again cancel our show in 2021. 

We remain optimistic that we can present an exceptional “Show of the Year” in 2022.  Much depends on the manner in which people respond to regulations.  The virus is here to stay for a long time and we must be careful.  Planning too far ahead is not wise.  However, we will work to present a phenomenal show in 2022.

There are many factors to be considered but we remain hopeful.

We have received numerous messages of support and encouragement from all over Ireland.  In particular our sponsors have been extraordinarily generous, some offering sponsorship unrequested.  We thank everybody, near and far, for their support and encouragement.

Let us hope and pray for a better tomorrow.

Mo bhuíochas

Michael Slattery– Chairman, Clarecastle Show Society
Nichola Shannon – Secretary, Clarecastle Show Society

For specific enquiries contact our secretary Nichola Shannon: (nicholashannon02@gmail.com) or at 085 781 6665

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