Home Produce

Sponsored by Clarecastle Pharmacy

First Prize – €15.00 | Second Prize – €10.00 | Third Prize – € 5.00
Entry Fee – €2.00 per entry

Located at:

Exhibit Hall, Clarecastle National School
adjacent to the GAA Grounds

Please refer to the Exhibit Hall Rules and Regulations prior to entry.

Home Baking

All items in this section must be homemade.

Class 105            Best Homemade Jam Sponge Cake (No Cream)

Class 106            Best Homemade Round Maderia Cake

                             (not to exceed 10” / 25cm)

Class 107            Best Homemade Soda Cake (Brown)

Class 108            Best Homemade Soda Cake (White)

Class 109            Best Homemade Porter Cake

Class 110            Best Homemade Apple Tart

                             (not to exceed 9” / 23cm)

Class 111            Best Homemade Rhubarb Tart

                             (not to exceed 9” / 23cm)

Class 112            Best 6 White Scones

Class 113            Best 6 Sultana Scones

Class 114            Best 6 Variety of Scone (Sweet or Savoury)

Children’s Section

Class 115            Best 6 Homemade and Decorated Fairy Buns

Class 116            Best 6 Homemade and Decorated Rice Crispy Buns


Class 117            Best Pot of Strawberry Jam

Class 118            Best Pot of Gooseberry Jam

Class 119A          Best Pot of Any Other Variety


Class 120            Any Variety


Class 121            Half Dozen Hen Eggs

Class 122            Half Dozen Duck Eggs